Las empresas farmacéuticas y de “life sciences” han ido más allá de los modelos tradicionales y ahora operan en un nuevo sistema global. Los desafíos de la fabricación de  nuevos medicamentos requieren más investigación y una colaboración más estrecha con los proveedores para diseñar y establecer nuevos procesos de fabricación y nuevos equipos que sean mas versátiles y eficientes.

Filtration systems for pharmaceuticals

Intrafluid knows these new needs and makes available its skills to achieve the levels of quality and safety required by the regulations. The proposed filtration technologies are aimed at obtaining the best value for money in sterilization and clarification of active ingredients for pharmaceutical products and utilities. Each product is born from constant technological research, the careful selection of materials, a rigorous production process, and is verified and validated with specific tests.

Intrafluid and filtration in pharmaceutical industries

Intrafluid offers solutions for the microfiltration of liquids and compressed gases dedicated to the specific needs of the "LIFE SCIENCES" industries: pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic.

Experience in typical applications such as fermentation, liquids sterile filtration, injectables filtration and process fluids filtration, has allowed us to develop products with characteristics according to the daily needs of the industry and highly qualified laboratory services and technical assistance.