Nitrogen generators

We offer equipment designed to generate nitrogen for your production in your own facilities. With this, you can benefit from savings in gas purchase and transport costs, as well as contributing to a reduction in your carbon footprint.

At Intrafluid, we don't just supply products, we provide innovative solutions to meet all your gas generation needs.

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About nitrogen generators

As specialists in the creation of high quality nitrogen generators, our generators are designed to optimise efficiency and maximise productivity in a variety of industries. Our nitrogen generators are an essential resource for companies that require an uninterrupted and reliable supply of nitrogen.

For the production of high purity nitrogen in scientific applications, PSA nitrogen generators are designed to control gas adsorption and regeneration of the adsorbent material by modulating the pressures in two chambers that house the adsorbent system. This process requires a stable temperature, close to ambient.

We work with state-of-the-art technology that allows the generation of nitrogen on-site, eliminating the need to rely on external supplies and significantly reducing operating costs. In addition, we strive to offer sustainable solutions that minimise environmental impact, leveraging pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology for a pure and efficient nitrogen supply.

On the process of nitrogen generators

The reverse adsorption procedure that takes place on these adsorbent materials involves two operational phases that alternate over periods of minutes. During the adsorption phase, oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide molecules diffuse into the porous structure of the adsorbent, while nitrogen molecules are released to pass through the chamber housing the adsorbent. These nitrogen molecules are collected and distributed in the form of pure nitrogen for use in either a gaseous or liquid state.

  • Membrane separation: In membrane separation, a semi-permeable membrane distinguishes nitrogen from air by allowing lighter gases to diffuse faster, while the slower nitrogen is collected separately.
  • Pressure swing adsorption (PSA): The PSA method uses a material that 'adsorbs' specific gases from the compressed air, allowing nitrogen to pass through. As the pressure is reduced, the adsorbed gases are released, regenerating the material for the next cycle.

Sectors and application

Nitrogen generators have various applications in industry. Some of the sectors where we offer nitrogen generators are:

  • Oil and gas: providing nitrogen to purge tanks and pipelines, prevent explosions and corrosion, and optimise refining processes such as catalytic cracking. Our solutions eliminate dependence on external sources, lowering operating costs and improving efficiency.
  • Food and beverages: Nitrogen is used in food packaging to displace oxygen, prevent oxidation, bacterial growth and prolong shelf life. We guarantee a constant supply, reducing costs and ensuring efficient production.
  • Pharmacist: Nitrogen is used to maintain the stability of medicines, preventing degradation and oxidation that can alter their efficacy. It is also used to purge and package products, ensuring safety and quality.

Other industrial sectors where nitrogen generators can be used are the following:

  • Supply of analytical gases
  • Aviation
  • Fire prevention
  • Laser cutting


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