Hydrogen generators

Today, decarbonization projects pose a considerable challenge because of the pace and scale required. Involving the right partners is key and a matter of trust.

Intrafluid supplies hydrogen generating units, either with membrane or alkaline solution technology.

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About hydrogen generators

Hydrogen has always been used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as electronics, heat treatment, food, etc.

More recently, hydrogen has been used as a fuel in transport and environmentally friendly heating systems and, in very recent times, as a vehicle for transporting and storing clean energy. The generators produce hydrogen and oxygen completely separated from each other by electrolytic dissociation of water molecules according to the chemical equation: 2H2O+ ENERGY 2H 2+O2.à

Hydrogen and oxygen are produced inside the electrolytic cell directly at the required pressure (up to 30 bar) and kept safely separated by special gas-impermeable membranes. The two gases flow through two independent channels to the condensed water separators, where they are cooled and dehumidified, ready for use. We offer equipment for additional purification and drying of hydrogen and oxygen for any required need and purity.

Sectors and application

  • Alternator Cooling
  • Hydrogenation of edible fats.
  • Manufacture of Perfumes / Aromas.
  • Chemical / Petrochemical Industry.
  • Combined use with Fuel Cells.
  • Metallurgical Processes – Heat Treatments.
  • Weather Balloons.
  • Hydrogenerators: Hydrogen cars.
  • High pressure – filling cylinders.
  • Boosters.
  • H2 Purification Systems.


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