Liquid nitrogen generators

Ofrecemos equipos diseñados para generar nitrógeno líquido para su producción en sus propias instalaciones. Con ello puede beneficiarse de un ahorro en gastos de compra del gas y su transporte, además de contribuir a una reducción de la huella de carbono.

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About liquid nitrogen generators

The inversion adsorption process in each of these adsorbers consists of two stages running at intervals of a few minutes. During the adsorption stage, oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide molecules diffuse into the porous structure of the adsorbent, while only nitrogen molecules are allowed to pass through the vessel and be distributed for application.

In the case of the liquid nitrogen generator, the nitrogen gas obtained enters the cooling head, which is a cryogenic refrigeration system based on a helium expansion cycle in a closed circuit (Gifford-McMahon (GM)), which liquefies it and stores it at low pressure in an internal dewar, which in turn has a dispenser with a hose to transfer the nitrogen to other containers. This cooling head produces heat in its cooling function that must be dissipated by an air cooler or water/coolant system outside the system.

Sectors and application

  • In vitro reproduction
  • Cryogenics in laboratories
  • MNR cold traps
  • Other applications

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