Filter capsules

Capsules are fully disposable filter units for small to medium scale liquid and gas processing applications. They avoid the need to purchase or maintain filter housings and are easy to change.

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About capsules

We offer capsules made with different materials and in a wide range of input/output connections to suit most process systems. We also have a wide range of lengths ranging from  50 mm long to 750 mm  and in  two diameters of 75mm and 90mm. Complete qualification guide available.

Sectors and application

Filter capsules are crucial tools in a variety of industries. Depending on the membrane used, typical applications are: filtration of alcoholic solutions, ultrapure water, vaccines, physiological solutions and ophthalmic liquids or the mantle of small tanks or the filtration of technical gases.

  • Pharmaceuticals, where they are used to purify medicines and ensure the safety of health products.
  • Food industry, contributing to the processing of liquids such as beers, wines and dairy products, and helping to maintain freshness and flavour.

They also play a vital role in the water industry, improving the quality of drinking water and contributing to environmental protection. Their versatility makes them key to the optimal functioning of a wide range of sectors.

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