A cleanroom is a pure, controlled environment designed to minimise contamination and maximise efficiency. They are indispensable in industries that require extreme precision and impeccable cleanliness, such as semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more.

On clean rooms

Cleanrooms allow the production and handling of products and tests that would otherwise be affected or contaminated by airborne particles and other pollutants, providing a safe and efficient environment for the conduct of precision research and manufacturing.

The environment in a cleanroom is controlled by a number of features, including:

  • Air filtration: cleanrooms use high-efficiency filters (such as HEPA or ULPA) to trap particles that could contaminate the work environment. The air in a cleanroom is constantly recirculated to remove naturally occurring particles.
  • Temperature and humidity control: maintaining a stable environment is crucial in many cleanroom applications, and these conditions are constantly monitored and adjusted.
  • Controlled entry and exit: workers in cleanrooms should wear special clothing and follow specific procedures to minimise the amount of contaminants they bring into the room.