Filter housings

We have filter housings for most connections and sizes on the market, as well as pressure gauges and detectors to track your process in real time.

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About housings

Filter housings are used to contain filter cartridges in any type of process industry. They work by evenly distributing the unfiltered liquid or gas in the cartridge inside.  They are manufactured in stainless steel of different qualities with degrees of roughness up to below 0.4 microns, which resist different pressures and comply with all current regulations. Accessories such as pressure gauges, butterfly valves, ball valves and sampling are also supplied.

Sectors and application

The domain of chemical filtration is vast and complex, but at Intrafluid we simplify it for our customers. Our filter housings are essential in a variety of industries, ensuring purity, safety and efficiency in every process. Here are the key sectors where these tools demonstrate their true value:

  • Pharmaceutical industry: In the production of medicines, purity is paramount. Intrafluid filter housings ensure that only the desired substances pass into the final product, avoiding contaminants and unwanted particles.
  • Petrochemicals: In the oil and gas industry, accurate filtration is essential for refining and processing fuels. Our housings offer the robustness and strength needed in these extreme conditions.
  • Food and Beverage Production: Food safety is a priority. Filter housings remove bacteria, residues and other impurities, ensuring the quality of the product that reaches the consumer.
  • Water Treatment: In both drinking water purification and wastewater treatment, our filter housings play a crucial role in the removal of sediments and contaminants.
  • General Chemical Industry: Whether in the production of plastics, resins, or any other chemical derivative, proper filtration is essential to achieve the desired quality and consistency.

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