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Intrafluid offers solutions for the microfiltration of compressed liquids and gases used in the specific needs of the Food and Beverage industries: Wine and Spirits, Bottled Water, Beer, Soft Drinks or Food. Experience in typical applications in the sector such as pre-filtration, microbiological stabilisation, brightening and venting of tanks has allowed us to know the products that best meet the daily needs of the food and beverage industry.

Microfiltration in the food industry

Each product is born from a constant technological research from the careful selection of materials, from a rigorous production process verified and standardized with specific tests.

  • Dedicated and customizable products according to applications.
  • Guaranteed quality of the internal production process.
  • Full product traceability.
  • Compliance with food contact regulations.
  • Products compatible with Halal, ACS and suitable for culinary steam certifications.
  • Performance of products guaranteed and reproducible over time.

Quality makes the difference in critical moments

Choosing us as a partner, with high technical competence and a structured organization, makes the difference in critical moments. It means having products of certified quality, proven and in tune with the regulations of the sector, but also being able to count on the advice of an expert partner.

Rapid and targeted intervention makes all the difference when it comes to assistance. For this reason Intrafluid offers a team of qualified people, able to support companies both in the choice phase and in the after-sales service. The services available to the costumer:

  • Feasibility study and sizing of the system through the analysis of the parameters of: Filtration Index, Trans Membrane Flow, turbidity control (NTU), Particles.
  • Integrity test "in situ".
  • Cleaning and regeneration service of filter elements.
  • Pilot facilities for tests directly on the production line.
  • Process control and process consulting for the optimization of the production line and for the filtration phase.
  • Staff training.
  • International technical assistance.
  • Fast and reliable delivery times.
  • Customer service
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